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Hi, I'm Jon. I was British Entrepreneur of the Year, a serial startup founder & a senior creative strategist in Google's ideas team.

Then I went to night school to retrain as a data scientist MSc, because maths. I now run a data unit at Google with a mission to automate creative behavioural research. My team's already developed YouTube's go-to internal platform for Creatives, alongside our project work, and that's just starters.

If you need to meet a creative, technical & commercially trained leader with management experience, then ping me. Or come for lunch at Google. Or DM me on whatever the kids are using nowadays.

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I show up on time.
I do
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Subjects: User-Centric Innovation, Data, Creativity, Design Sprints, Innovation Leadership, 
Rapid Prototyping, Data Visualisation, Automation, Insight, Business Intelligence

Google Cloud Marketing, ExCel Arena, UK
The Leadership Network, UK
HyperIsland, Sweden
Google Catalyst, USA
YouTube Works, Belgium
Big Data Innovation Summit, UK
Miami Ad School, Hamburg
IAB Digital Day, Serbia
The Dots, UK
University of Nottingham, UK
Analytical Academy, UK
Visa Innovation Lab, UK
APG Firestarters, UK
HEC University, France
Ogilvy, UK
Sciences Po University, France





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Having worked alongside hundreds of major brands from across the world on tackling their biggest challenges, I believe that Step Zero just might be their unifying trait.

Picture the mountain of projects that every company says got off the ground... that their teams feel they got off the ground... but that, in reality, never made it out of a slide deck. This digital landfill is piled high with projects that fell at "Step Zero" - with no output to show from lifetimes of human input.

I drive my team to help clients both target & reach Step 1 - a Prototype. Something that you can touch. Share. Get excited about. Whether it's a Rush, a PoP, a Landbot, a toy model - whatever... just not a powerpoint. We don't need to exhaust ourselves with planning, project rollout, PR, scale, support, resource & comms. 100% of effort and focus is on getting to that prototype, and for one simple reason - prototypes can inspire people who weren't there at the start. Decks don't.

To achieve this I encourage my team to reinforce:
1) maintaining project momentum, 2) growing team confidence and 3) maintaining stakeholder alignment, with special emphasis on the journey from data to decisions; three areas notorious for assassinating projects.

Awareness of Step Zero has been helping business leaders to get the things they need done, done - and fail fast when decisions need to change. All starting with one small step.

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Ice breakers

I've represented the British Skydiving Team at 2 World Cups.

I played for the British Chess Team at 1 World Championship.

I speak French & Italian well enough to run a project.
German/Spanish well enough to run for a coffee.
And Python/R/SQL well enough to:

theory = ["learn", "to", "share", "about", "this", "new", "secret", "surrounding", "string", "theory"]

reality = [x[1] for x in enumerate(theory) if \
x[0]%2==0 and x[0]!=0]

print(' '.join(reality))

Jonathan Francis and Giulia Da Prato Wimbledon Tennis

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